Illustrious Potentate Noble Jeffrey C. Spann

Aleikum Es Salaam!

I greet you as the 76th Illustrious Potentate of Golconda Temple No. 24.
Located in the Oasis of Newark, Desert of New Jersey.

First let me welcome you to Golconda Temple No. 24's website. This site will provide you with a history of Golconda Temple No. 24, knowledge about our Divan, members and the projects I have planned for this administrative year.

This site will allow you to become up close and personal with the officers, and members of Golconda Temple No. 24

So feel free to surf our website, any questions you may have are only a click away.

Please click, explore, and enjoy our website!

Aleikum Es Salaam

Illustrious Potentate

Noble  Jeffrey C. Spann

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Golconda 2014  Divan and Fiscal Officers

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